Creating a Better Learning Environment for Pre-K Children

Read Right from the Start is a digital product initiated by the Rollins School of Learning to help educators of Pre-K children learn better strategies in the classroom. We were presented with a large amount of legacy course content and asked to consider how we should repurpose it while also creating a system that accommodates for new material.




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Lead Product Designer





To get the best understanding of the goal, we met with the Rollins School team at their offices and worked through a variety of exercises to have a shared understanding. These included a branding exercise which brought to light a collective view of how the application should look and feel. 


For the product side, we had every one write down every pain point of the existing system. This brought to light many of the shortcomings of the current system which included a hard to work with outdated CMS, lack of community within the app, and no mobile optimization. This made it difficult for educators who already have no time in their day, who were forced to take a seat at a computer to make any progress.



User interviews can be one of the most informing exercises in discovering needs and constraints, for the Rollins School it was no exception. We spent a few days at local daycare and education centers interviewing dozens of current users. The greatest takeaway was realizing that these users weren’t nearly as excited about the materials as their stakeholder counterparts. In large part because these courses were normally enforced mandatorily at a state level. You can imagine how unexcited someone might be when they are forced to take educational courses on an outdated experience, while having no time in their day to do so in the first place.


We followed up these interviews with presenting our findings to the internal stakeholder team which gave them an updated perspective on problems at hand.



With all of our information at hand, we created a content structure that allowed for flexibility over time. We created three levels of course material. There were Courses which housed multiple Lessons, these lessons would be a grouping of Segments. We created guidelines for the Segments with the goal of limiting the time spent on a particular to no more than 2 minutes. So regardless of the content type of the Segment (Question, Quiz, Video, Video Quiz, etc.), this allowed for quick progression for the user knowing that attention spans would be limited.