Bringing destroyed monuments and artifacts back to life.

UNESCO, Rekrei, and Ogilvy & Mather all partnered to create a crowd sourced online museum where people can come together to learn, share and digitally recreate monuments that have been lost.



Product Design


Ogilvy & Mather


2016 Cannes Lions Shortlist



THE IDEA provides users with a much more visually immersive experience, encouraging them to explore historical sites that have been lost around the world.


Rekrei is a crowdsourced project to collect photographs of monuments, museums, and artifacts damaged by natural disasters or human intervention, and to use those data to create 3D representations and help to preserve our global, shared, human heritage.



Inspire and encourage users to provide assets with the hope of restoring history.



The detail view consisted of a designated page, where users can read literature or watch videos to expand their knowledge.


We structured the experience around three specific levels (Discovery, Details, Action). This created an in and out mental model that was easy to understand for users. They start at the widest view, the globe view, and continually zoom in to discover more specific details.. 


Within each page there is an opportunity to contribute to the information shown, similar to a wiki page, continuing the concept of creating a crowdsourced database.


Interaction animations were created in After Effects to help guide the front end development of the experience. This helped communicate the tone and expectation from an interactive perspective.


A loading animation helped buy some time in the backend for the WebGL to fully load. So I provided a quick SVG driven animation in Codepen, that was implemented the same day.